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Benefits of Facials

  • Reverses visible signs of aging
  • Improves skin tone and texture
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduces blemishes and breakouts
  • Increases circulation and blood flow
  • Increases the production of collagen for plump and healthy skin

Express Facial

This Facial gives you a taste of skin care; your Express Facial includes a skin analysis, facial cleansing with the appropriate cleanser, exfoliation, moisturizer and sunscreen.  Extractions and a hand treatment is not included in this facial.

15 Minutes                                        Member $38.00/Non Member $45.00

Introductory Facial

This is a sneak preview of our Classic European Facial.  The Introductory Facial is a fantastic introduction to skin care and is also ideal for basic skin maintenance.  Extractions and hand treatments are not included in this facial.

20 Minutes                                        Member $46.00/Non Member $55.00

Classic European Facial

This customized facial is a great all around facial for all skin types. You get a skin care analysis, a facial cleanse, a deep pore cleanse with steam to detoxify the skin, extractions if needed, and an appropriate mask, all while enjoying a hand and arm massage. Your facial is then completed with the appropriate moisturizer and sunscreen selected for your skin type.  For optimal results we recommend a facial every five to six weeks.

60 Minutes                                        Member $68.00/Non Member $75.00

Anti-Aging Facial

Reveal vibrant, younger looking skin with our targeted Anti-Aging Facial.  This facial is appropriate for all skin types and targets the visible signs of aging to restore a more youthful appearance. This facial includes all of the services you get with the Classic European Facial with the addition of high end products designed to restore a more youthful appearance.  For optimal results we recommend getting a facial every five to six weeks.

60 Minutes                                        Member $85.00/Non Member $100.00

Skin Brightening Facial

This facial offers maximum exfoliation with an enzyme treatment to brighten and smooth dull rough skin, minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and accelerate the improvement in skin texture, tone and appearance. For optimal results we recommend getting a facial ever five to six weeks.

60 Minutes                                        Member $63.00/Non Member $75.00

Vitamin C Facial

Reverse the signs of aging that result from exposure to everyday environmental factors such as sunlight, environmental pollutants and smoking.  This facial will brighten the skin, support healthy collagen levels and restore your skin?s natural radiance and clarity.

60 minutes                                       Member $68.00/Non Member $80.00

Acne Facial

We designed the Acne Facial for those with moderate to severe acne.  This facial is designed to clear skin congestion, control acne, and detoxify and normalize the skin.  This facial also revitalizes the skin to help reduce acne blemishes, breakouts and inflammation, and instantly soothes redness and reduces irritation.

60 Minutes                                        Member $68.00/Non Member 80.00

Glycolic Peel

Our Peels smooth the texture of the facial skin by removing damaged outer layers. Peels reduce the depth of fine lines, fade brown spots, and improve imperfections caused by age, sun damage, smoking and environmental pollutants

Starting price                                   Member $59.00/Non Member$70.00

Add to chest, hands or arms starting price              Member $59.00/Non Member$70.00

Add to any facial starting at                                         Member $29.00/Non Member 35.00


This technique exfoliates the epidermis using a safe specialized blade that levels and effectively removes a layer of dead skin cells and facial hair.  This is a great treatment for various skin types, including sensitive skin, and can also be used as a preparation for any light chemical peel.  This treatment can be combined with various facial treatments.

Dermaplaning only                          Member $59.00/ Non Member $75.00

Add to any other facial service for an additional                        Member $29/Non Member $35.00


Add on facial services:

Dermaplaning                                 Member $29.00/Non Member $35.00

Chemical peel                                  Member $29.00/Non Member $35.00

Aromatherapy                                   Member  $4.00/Non Member $5.00

Eyebrow wax                                    Member $12.00/Non Member $15.00

Lip wax                                              Member $11.00/Non Member $14.00


Body Treatments

Body Polishing-A head to toe service which involves the use of our signature brown sugar scrub and a skilled hand to exfoliate your unwanted top layer of dead skin cells.  The body polishing leaves your skin soft, supple, and radiant.

Non-Members $70.00 /Members $59.00
Series of 6  $350.00/$295.00

Detoxifying Seaweed Wrap- A great way to begin a healthy detox regimen.  Our seaweed gel base wrap specializes in firming cellulite, increases circulation of blood and lymph, and opens pores to eliminate toxins.  Seaweed Gel is applied in a deep kneading massage technique, then you are wrapped in a thermal blanket in a serene setting for 35-45 minutes.  Enjoy our heated utopia.

Non-Members $70.00 /Members $59.00
Series of 6  $350.00/$295.00


Waxing for Women

Eyebrows $18.00
Lip $16.00
Chin $16.00
Cheeks $16.00
Full face $35.00 ?  It includes waxing of the entire face
Underarms $28.00 ? The hair under the arms should be about ¼ of an inch long.
Half Arm $35.00 ? It includes both arms from the elbow to the wrist.
Full arm $45.00 ? It includes both arms from the shoulder to the wrist.
Half Leg $45.00 ? It includes both legs from the knee to the ankle.
Full Leg $70.00 ? It includes both legs from the hip to the ankle.
French Bikini $40.00 ? This includes the bikini line only, the clients hair should be ¼th of an inch long, but not much longer.
Brazilian $55.00 ? This is what is known as the ?landing strip?. The tech will wax everything front and back and leave a little strip on the very front of the bikini area. The hair should be ¼ th of an inch long but not much longer.
Sphinx $65.00 ?  This is EVERYTHING gone, the front and the back. Their hair needs to be ¼ th of an inch long but not much longer.


Waxing for Men

Back starting at $60.00

Chest starting at $50.00

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